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Grandmother's Prayer

Julia Parker Documentary

Telly Award Winner 2007
5th Annual Oakland International Film Festival, 2006
30th Annual American Indian Film Festival, 2005


Fortunately for us, Julia Parker and other tribal elders
in our communities can help us understand the roots
that are at the foundation of where we live. For Julia the
word 'Root' is not only a metaphoric way of describing
the continuation of culture, it is a literal connection to
the land. Through Julia we can see that every aspect of
native life stemmed from an intimate relationship with
the land. The stories, tools, shelters, food, and Life itself
becomes an expression of the human connection to the
Land. That is why when Julia tells her stories we receive
a brief glimpse of a very rich life that the native people of
our area had. We also have the opportunity to have our lives
enriched by becoming aware of their stories and what is still
around for us to enjoy and respect.

Julia Parker and her stories are the subject of a thirty minute
video character study that has been accepted into the 30th
Annual American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco.
Grandmother's Prayer features Julia's work as a teacher
of California Indian traditions that have been kept alive
and passed along by her and other dedicated native women.

It has been said that the Mother is the caretaker of the family
but the Grandmother is the caretaker of the community. 
When I listen to Julia's stories I cant help but think of the
strength, knowledge, and insights that the ancestors in our area
had. Through Julia we can see how native people worked with
the abundance of the land and approached it with the simplest
of Prayers, "Please and Thank You".

The seeds for this project were sown at the memorial
ceremonies for Lanny Pinola at the Kule Loklo roundhouse
in 2003.  Bev Ortiz, Julia Parker, Tim Campbell and myself
met to discuss our desire to have Julia's story reach a larger
group. The video was produced over a two year period
beginning with a shoot at a MAPOM sponsored class
on Acorn Making taught by Julia and Lucy Parker at Kule
Loklo. MAPOM has continually supported this project
from the original idea through its many iterations.

It is my hope that viewers of Julia's story will have a
deeper appreciation for the roots of our communities and
that they will see the value of respecting those who came
before us as well as respecting those who are here today
and who also bare witness to the past. Julia's message is
simple take the time to stop, look, and listen and when you
take from the land, do so with a Please and a Thank You.

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