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 Twenty Years of Hula; Documentary

Patrick Makuakane and Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu celebrated
their 20th year anniversary of Hula in San Francisco with six performances at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater, in October 2005. Storyteller worked closely with Patrick and the Na Lei
Hulu video team to produce two unique videos that are
integrated into the performances. The Act 1 video is a
compelling glimpse of the halau's creative evolution over
twenty years. The Act 2 video is a behind the scenes look
at the halau and an exploration of the meaning of
'Hula Brother, Hula Sister'.

 Since 1998, Storyteller has enjoyed a close personal and working relationship with Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu, a dynamic Hawaiian dance company based in San Francisco. Led by
Kumu Hula, Patrick Makuakane, Na Lei Hulu and its
extended family, is committed to the continuation of
Hawaiian culture through Hula, chanting, music, talk story,
food, traditional skills, and friendship.

 Patrick Makuakane is Kumu Hula and Director for the company. He is a creative force in the Hula world, and is
well known for his innovative choreography. His artistry
brings hula to a new level, and creates new dimensions
to the dance form. He has created his hula productions
to be full theatrical experiences that are visually captivating.
Mr. Makuakane teaches traditional and contemporary forms
of hula, and has also developed a unique style of hula, called "hula mua", that provides a modern appeal to the
dance form. Hula Mua blends traditional hula movements with non-Hawaiian music, and creates a greater depth and accessibility to the dance form.

Wally enjoys a collaborative relationship with the halau and works closely in developing an easily accessible archive
of video and audio recordings that is used as a cultural
resource for the strengthening of the community of dancers. Storyteller shoots, edits, and distributes authored DVDs
that take the viewer behind the scenes as well as in front
of the stage. The venues are compelling; New Orleans,
Los Angeles, New York City, Honolulu, and Home...San Francisco.

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