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Gather Together




Gather Together; Documentary

 Gather Together is a 30 minute video documentary that focuses on the importance of family to the continuation of culture. 

This is Part II in a series about Julia's life perspectives
as a California Indian basket weaver and tribal elder.
Julia travels throughout California gathering materials for
her basketry and traditional skills. She also travels
throughout the United States teaching other native groups
about her basketry in an effort to encourage the continuation
of Native American culture. Julia's family is her basic
support group, in this video we will meet her husband Ralph,
her daughter Lucy as well as her Grand and Great-Grand Children. We will also see how the continuation of culture
begins and continues within this family and how the
extended tribal network benefits from their example.

The documentary project has finished shooting in the  
Eastern Sierra, the San Joaquin Valley, Yosemite, Reno, and
Coastal California. We are beginning editing and
are seeking completion funding at this time.

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